Lexus Lease Return in Vaughan, ON


If you've leased a Lexus from our new inventory and your term is nearly done, you can choose from several compelling end-of-lease options at Lexus of Vaughan. Find out how we can help you proceed from the end of your Lexus lease below, and contact our dealership in Vaughan, Ontario for further details.

Lease End Options

  • Lease a New Lexus

If you'd like to move on from your current vehicle to a new Lexus from our fleet, we'll be happy to arrange an inspection of your leased model before guiding you through your next leasing process. 

This option will also make you eligible for a loyalty rate reduction, as we firmly believe in showing return consumers our appreciation.

  • Return Your Current Lexus

Those who prefer to simply return their leased Lexus can start by contacting our dealership. We'll gladly arrange a date and time for an inspection of your Lexus and carry out any needed repairs before finalizing your return.

  • Purchase Your Current Lexus

If you've grown attached to your leased Lexus and would like to keep it after your lease is up, we have good news. 

Indeed, you can buy out your Lexus at the end of your lease, and our staff will be thrilled to provide you with available terms and options for any financing you need to complete the buy-out.

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Lexus End of Lease Overview

When your lease ends, you can either treat yourself to one of our stunning new Lexus models, buy out your current vehicle to enjoy it for the long haul, or simply return your model to our dealership. Whatever your preferred course of action, we'll be glad to simplify the process.

Lease Maturity Milestones

Once you've entered the final year of your lease, you'll receive a Lexus Lease Maturity notification. This will give you ample time to assess your Lexus lease return options, and you can even create your own personalized lease timeline on the automaker's official website.

You can also get your leased Lexus tended to at our Service Centre before your end-of-lease inspection, and we recommend consulting our recommended Lexus maintenance schedule for details. Visit us online or contact our Lexus of Vaughan dealership today to book your service appointment.