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Lexus presents the LM 2023, a luxury minivan



It could be said that Lexus surprised everyone at the Shanghai International Auto Show by unveiling a new version of its high-end minivan. This is unusual, especially considering that the minivan category has struggled for years. However, the conceptualization of the Lexus LM is quite different from that of a traditional minivan. The target audience here is not only large families, but also business people and celebrities who want the comfort and convenience of a private plane in a road vehicle.


The Chinese market loves ultra-luxury vehicles, and some companies specialize in converting public vehicles. Lexus saw this as an opportunity to create its own high-end minivan. It is worth noting that the LM has existed since 2020 and is very popular in Asia. If we are talking about it today, it is simply because the Japanese automaker has decided to expand the markets on which its minivan will be sold. Not to mention that it benefits from a significant update in the process.


The bad news is that Lexus has no intention of commercializing the LM in North America. For now, only Asian and European markets are being considered.


First Class


Even though they offer a luxurious and prestigious experience, large sedans all have the same problem. This is where the choice of a high-end minivan becomes interesting, as there is more space, especially in terms of head and legroom. Buyers can choose between a 4-seat version and a 7-seat version. Ultimately, it is still interesting for families.


The design of the Lexus LM is elegant, modern, and sophisticated. However, it is the interior of the minivan that remains the most interesting, especially in terms of the rear seats. These are separated from the front seats by a partition on which a 48-inch screen is found. Several finishing options are available with carefully selected materials such as genuine wood and superior quality leather. Rear passengers also have access to a Mark Levinson 3D Ambiophonic audio system and a refrigerator.


On the mechanical side, the Lexus LM 2023 will only offer one engine option. It is a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine combined with an electric motor. The Japanese automaker's minivan will also offer all-wheel drive as standard, which is likely to make it even more popular. It's a shame that the Canadian market is not being considered at the moment.


Jean-Sébastien Poudrier

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